Do you have a technology or product and want to access the European market place quickly and effectively? Euroscitech can do that for you using the tools listed below either as a sales and marketing service provider, distribution partner or even for a period of time appearing to be your European organisation. Simply talk to us about what you need and we can tailor a bespoke package for you that means you can be up and running with sales and support today while building your business for tomorrow.

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Technology Launch

The earlier we can get our hands on a new technology or product the more we like it. It’s a challenge taking something new and finding the first key opinion leaders that want to hear about it, try it, buy it and become reference sites, but it’s the favourite part of our job! What’s more we will hold your products hand all the way through that process. In addition we can analyse your competition scientifically and commercially and advise where you fit best in one or more markets.

Specialist Sales

If you have a great product and early adopter sales then we have a two step approach to grow your business. Firstly, we can determine exactly why your product is successful (NOT why you think it is but what your customers think). Secondly, we can “join the dots” to find new customers with exactly the same need; first within the same company and then in similar companies. Science led reference selling and key account management underpin our approach to building growth for our clients.

Sales Directed Marketing

These days it takes more than adverts and trade shows to effectively market your product. What is needed is a range of services that enable your potential customers to find out that you exist, what your product offering is and how it benefits them, what you are like and what the world is saying about you. Marketing has changed because sales has changed. Using a social science approach we take the right information to where your potential customers are looking for it so they can form their opinions and initiate discussions with you.

Lead Generation via Search

Euroscitech has 10+ years experience in the Life Science sector developing, supporting and launching products in the Pharma and Biotech businesses in Europe. We have an extensive customer network and in depth research skills via our recruitment division, SciComSearch ( Science, sales networks and search all come together to enable us to provide a first class information search service aimed primarily at finding new sales leads. Given a brief, Euroscitech feels it can find the right customer for you.